Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to remove FaLang traduction system by Faboba?

Joomla 2.5! Yes, we are moving onjoomla 2.5, but many extensions don't go as fast as us. Today, I need build an multi-language site, but joomfish is still onjoomla 1.5 . After searching, I decide to use com_falang with free version.
It still be good until the link at bottom site:

 After searching every where I found where to remove it.
It is on file: administrator/components/com_falang/classes/falangmanager.class.php at line 464:

 $cachBuf2 is the variable which content the link "FaLang traduction system by Faboba". Now you just delete base64_decode($cacheBuf2) is ok, it will be remove for all pages of your website.

Also remove it :

line number 67 :  $cacheBuf2 =
‘<div><a title=”Faboba : Cr&eacute;ation de composant’.
‘Joomla” style=”font-size: 8px;; visibility: visible;’.
‘display:inline;” href=”http://www.faboba&#8217;.
‘.com” target=”_blank”>FaLang tra’.
‘nslation syste’.
‘m by Faboba</a></div>’;
Remove the code : $cacheBuf2 =” ” ;

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